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Default The insulin hypothesis is NOT the same as the Carbohydrate Insulin Hypothesis.

The insulin hypothesis is NOT the same as the CIH.

I found this blog posting very interesting and it provides a clear analysis of the debate that's been raging in the low carb/paleo fraternity over the last few months.

Because diet isn't a one size fits all scenario there will always be debate between those who have never been fat and those who put on weight easily about what is the cause of obesity and the chronic conditions that often follow weight gain.

It's easy to find people who denounce Taubes or Lustig or any of the high profile speakers who try to simplify / explain clearly what the current state of knowledge or recent research is. Inevitably in the attempt to present a story that is simple enough for the ordinary person to comprehend they make statements to which it's reasonably easy to find exceptions.
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Old 04-28-2012, 05:54 AM
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Dr Northrupt, the physician who made popular bio-identical hormones, did the paleo diet and did not loose weight, and did not produce ketones in the urine on the diet, did not at least, untill she added a hefty dosage of acetly L Carnitine in supplement form.

And exercise, especially weight lifting, is essential for some people to shift over to a burn state and to loose weight on the diet.

But still. If people would really look at MMS there would be much to learn there for those who are diabetic have permanently put aside thier insulings and pills after doing the MMS protocol, or greatly reduced the dosage need.

What does MMS do? It cleanses and purifies. Could there be microbes involved in Diabetes? It is a known fact that juvenile diabetes results after a viral assault at a young age.

Clearly, when one examines the evidence of microbes through dark field live blood analysis, microbes previously unseen and unrecognized in current lab analyis, one realizes that we are not truly seeing what is going on in the human body... and we may not be truly seeing and understanding what is going on with diabetes.
"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth." Marcus Aurelius
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