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Default Maximizing post-workout benefits

HGH and it's benefits.

As I�ve mentioned before in relation to intermittent fasting (IF), fasting is known to significantly increase HGH secretion. (Grok�s survival depended on the ability to hormonally kick start efficiency and preservation modes during the lean days.) Research has also consistently confirmed that intense exercise, particularly resistance training, also triggers a rise in HGH. While I can (and do) take advantage of each individual method, combining the two opportunities can maximize my body�s HGH release.
Furthermore, insulin suppresses HGH. Skipping the carb snack and subsequent insulin upsurge goes a long way post-workout. But skipping anything that might even mildly raise insulin levels (that heightened sensitivity in the muscles, you know!) can be better yet.
And I should add that I do this without worrying about a blow to muscle mass. Fasting occasionally post-workout, provided I maintain a high protein diet the rest of the time, doesn�t negatively impact nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. Just as I mentioned last week that the body won�t suffer if you don�t force reloading of glycogen stores with a shot of glucose after a workout, I�ll go out on a limb and say that you�re unlikely to waste away if you don�t fuel muscles immediately with protein as well. The fact is HGH has its own protein conservation potential. And, while the post-workout period is an optimum opportunity for protein synthesis, it�s not the sole time your body is able to use protein and provide for the muscles� needs.
While I�m not suggesting fasting after every workout, I think it�s worth doing occasionally. (After all, Grok probably wasn�t successful with every hunt.) In the spirit of IF and recreating patterns of our primal ancestors� lives, varying your eating/exercising/fasting practices ultimately allows for maximizing the hormonal and upregulating benefits of different physiological scenarios.
Finally, yet another means of naturally encouraging HGH release is getting a good night�s sleep. After a good fast (and a great workout), I find this part comes the easiest. Honestly, it�s the best sleep I get.
Although a post workout meal can minimize recovery time, the prolonged period of HGH in the bloodstream maximizes health benefits without jeopardizing athletic gains, which is why it is important to choose which one is most important to your post-workout strategy.
I'd rather meander for the prevention than race for the cure.
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