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Default Hello!

Hello everyone! I'm new to the site. How is everyone?

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My story is similar in a way. I did a google of my main symptoms (I know, I know!) and this forum post came up top of the pile. Sufficiently curious I took a look and was surprised for the first time to see my disparate symptoms and cipro linked together.

I too had Prostatitis last year for which the Urologist prescribed a long course of Ciprofloxacin (6 weeks in total). It appeared to do the trick with the prostatitis after a couple of weeks and I had no real reason to think there was a problem. Like a good boy I completed the course as suggested by the doctor.

While taking the med I noticed some strange things that I hadn't felt before. I was much less tolerant to caffeine (which is a known common side-effect) such that it would keep me a awake at night where it never would before. I had what I can only think is a panic attack (never had one before so can't be sure) but I woke up in the night convinced I was having a stroke. It took me a while to calm down in the night and realise I wasn't having a stroke. I went to the doctor first thing the following morning and she checked me out and did the usual stroke patient checks and found nothing untoward. Relieved I went on my way.

During the course I was struggling with sleeping at night. Some of this was perhaps related to the caffeine (I was still drinking during the evenings for most of the course). I was highly anxious during this time and also forgetful (I would go back to do something and find I had already done it - nothing freaks you out the first time you do that sort of thing).

Much of this analysis is with the benefit of hindsight and I hadn't put all the pieces together at the time. I had no real reason to stop other than the vague anxiety feelings and the insomnia. I hadn't even considered the perceived panic attack related until much later. I had read the cipro horror stories but since I hadn't had the main side effects, I carried on. I do admit to being relieved on the morning that I took my last pill.

I finished the course and about 1 month later the twitches started. Initially it was a single muscle in my upper arm. That is still going now 3 months later. A few weeks after that started I was getting general twitches all over. It started in my calves and behind my knees. Now I get spasms everywhere randomly. I had it in my cheek under my right eye for a few days which was quite obvious, They are not strong enough to cause disruption and they are not painful and I only really notice them when I am still.

Not too long after the twitches started, my legs felt weak and rubbery although I never actually fell over, My legs would tire easily when standing up and generally feel over-exerted (even though they should not have been). I felt my knees almost give out a couple of times while walking and running. That hasn't happened for a couple of months now thankfully and I am hopeful that has passed. I have played sport twice in the last 2 weeks without a recurrence.

Recently I have also had the dry mouth. I have had dry lips for many years now but this is something different. I am not dehydrated and I regularly drink my daily allowance of water. I generally don't overdo the caffeine these days (I have cut down to see if the twitches go away - they didn't).

I have had a series of blood tests done and they all came back normal. As well as the usual markers they checked for diabetes and for creatine kinase levels (for muscle wastage). I have pre-existing problem with my left kidney which means that it is smaller than the right, so I generally go to the doctors whenever I see anything out of the ordinary. Next step is to get checked out by a neuro.

I am interested to know if there is an update you can supply? I realise my post is some time after your original post. Are you still having the same side effects 18 months on?

Thanks in advance.
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