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Default What's Good For Arthritis ?

My father in law (about 60 yrs old) is getting arthritis in his fingers. He has trouble gripping things. His doctor recommended he get a squishy ball or something and squish it with his hand to help build it up.

I told him omega 3 oils....

whats good for arthritis?
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Originally Posted by limitme View Post
My father in law (about 60 yrs old) is getting arthritis in his fingers. He has trouble gripping things. His doctor recommended he get a squishy ball or something and squish it with his hand to help build it up.

I told him omega 3 oils....

whats good for arthritis?
Omega 3 oils are always good, I'd also recommend Glucosamine and MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane). Their both good for the joint cartilage and the MSM also reduces inflammation. I'm close to his age, and take both of these supplements as a preventative.

The squishy ball idea is good because it helps to have some kind of movement in the hands, just simple massage also helps, he may be able to do one hand with the other.
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Exercise during an inflammatory episode can sometimes contribute to increased inflammation so watch out for that. I think finding a good natural antiinflammatory product first is advised.

I have had arthritis so severe I could not walk back in 94.

I will tell you this, what works for one form of arthritis will not work for another. Many different complex things happen in the inflammatory process during arthritis and they have different causes in metabolic and inflammatory pathways. There is no one alternative fix for ALL arthritis.

My arthritis got better quickly with CMO. I have had to repeat cmo periodically over the years. One time during an inflammatory episode cmo did not work for me but Serrapeptase did. I have never used more than 4 or 5 bottles of CMO in 16 years.

At one point I got pretty severe psoric arthritis in one knee. Serrapeptase got rid of it in less than a week. Serrapeptase has a fantastic reputation for taming many different kinds of inflammatory processes.

Glucosamine may be a better choice for osteoarthritis or when actual cartilage distruction is in progress. It will help build cartilage and keep it strong. MSM works for some people regardless of what type of arthritis they have, but it only works for some people. It sometimes causes stomach upset and gas.

Many naturopaths over the years have been saying that arthritis is caused by a pathogen and there is plenty of testimony to that when you get on the forums of people with arthritis who are repeatedly treating it with antibiotics. I have seen arthritis go into remission when antibioitcs are used, but they are not a good way to treat it due to all the inherant problems that come with repeated antibioitc use.

Some people who have arthritis have had very good results using mms, for its antipathogen effect, but again it has not helped all arthritics.
Rife therapy has also helped some arthritics.

Generally, people with arthritis have to go through a trial an error period with supplements until they find what works. I would off this, that if a product seems to work but if you never get past having to need it you should keep looking for something else.

Fish oil is effective for some people but is not a permanent fix either.

This page at healthsalon has a number of articles that may be helpful that detail different products.
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Arthritis is an inflammatory disease. That means that without inflammation, arthritis cannot start and if inflammation is inhibited, arthritis cannot progress.

When it comes to considering the role of omega 3 in resolving inflammation you need to understand the current state of your omega 3 <> omega 6 balance.

More about omega 3 and omega 6 balance here
I think the most important point to understand is that omega 6 is a bully boy and once there is SIGNIFICANTLY more omega 6 than omega 3 the omega 6 gangs up on the omega 3 and actively displaces it from it's position in cells.
This means that supplementing with omega 3 CANNOT make a long term difference if you continue to consume industrial seed oils such as corn, soybean, safflower, sunflower and cottonseed oil or commercially produced foods that contain them.

You can find out your current omega 3 omega 6 status here
Ideal Omega Balance Chart UK source �50
Omega-3 Index, Omega-6:Omega-3 Ratio$149.95 Member $134.95
there may be cheaper sources I haven't checked these are examples only.

Most UK adults have about 15~20 times more omega 6 than omega 3 while in USA it's getting on for 30 to 1.
The situation has changed considerable over the last 50yrs
Ideally you will aim to get the omega 6 imbalance reduced to BELOW 5 omega 6 to 1 omega 3.

In the short term a high omega 3 intake requires checking the EPA and DHA content of your fish oil supplement.

Now Foods, Ultra Omega-3, 500 EPA/250 DHA $25.48 are both Molecularly Distilled & Enteric Coated the molecular distillation removes nasties and the enteric coating means they pass further into the digestive system before dissolving so are past the point that may cause burping.

For UK readers Simply supplements offer
Omega 3 Triple Strength 1000mg 330mg of EPA & 220mg of DHA (360) �14.29

Simply Supplements - 27.5% discount

These are molecularly distilled but not enteric coated, They are also not as strong so you would need more. If you aim for between 2~3g of OMEGA 3
3 daily of the NOW foods 750mg = 2.250g 4 daily = 3g omega 3
Simply supplements 4x 550= 2.20g and you'd need to use 5/6 alternate days to = 3g/

To reduce the potential for Burping taking them 30mins BEFORE a meal gives them a head start and the eating food a bit after seems to block the fishy aftertaste. Another idea is to keep the capsules in the freezer and take them frozen. It slows down the rate of dissolving sufficiently to pass the burp point.

I've no problems with the taste/aftertaste from fish oil so I use a
Nature's Answer, Liquid Omega-3, Deep Sea Fish Oil EPA/DHA,800mg EPA 500 DHA = 1300omega3 $18.19 X 96 servings 2 tsps would provide 2.60g omega 3
this is Molecularly Distilled

A UK source of liquid fish oil would be ZIPVIT Omega Juice 900 EPA 600 DHA=1.50g tsp However this is NOT molecularly distilled and many kids do not like the taste however it is cheap �5.99

$5 Discount code for IHERB WAB666 off first order then you get you get a code, share that code & you get further small discount off subsequent orders.
UK readers don't order more than �17.50 or you MAY end up paying VAT + �8 Post Office handling fee. US readers may find equivalent products cheaper from other US online providers depending on shipping cost. Iherb is best for UK readers because their $4 shipping is much cheaper.

I'll try and add some more research to this post on the role of omega 3 in arthritis later.
The full text of this is online for those who enjoy going into the detail of why EFFECTIVE amounts of omega 3 given time reduce pain in arthritis.
Inflammatory pain, such as arthritis pain, is a growing health problem. Inflammatory pain is generally treated with opioids and cyclooxygenase (COX) inhibitors, but both are limited by side effects. Recently, resolvins, a unique family of lipid mediators, including RvE1 and RvD1 derived from omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid, have shown marked potency in treating disease conditions associated with inflammation

Which reminds me to mention that although the circulating levels of omega 3 in blood will change more or less as soon as you take an effective strength supplement, however the turnover rate of cells in your body is much slower. Providing you eliminate all sources of omega 6 seed oils, and keep omega 3 intake high it will take around 2 yrs to refurbish 50% of your body cells to the optimum omega 3 ratio and about 5 yrs to finish the job.
So if at the end of 3 months you haven't begun to feel the benefit DON'T give up. It was only after a couple of years I realized my low level pain wasn't bothering me all the time like it used to.

I'll spend some time later today discussing other anti inflammatory approaches that have evidence to support their use in Arthritis. I will focus on Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Green Tea to start with but Vitamin C, E CLA, Glucosamine, also have a role among other strategies. (ie weight loss, fat cells are pro inflammatory)
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Besides cutting back on omega 6s and increasing omega 3s. If he can do it, avoid dairy products 100% (except butter) for 3 months.
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Not long ago, someone mentioned to my mom to avoid animal products in general, but specifically products from corn fed animals. As it's mentioned above, be proactive in regard to the avoidance of omega6 products as they're naturally inflammatory. And lower amounts of omega 6s will cut the competition between omega6 & omega3 for use of an enzyme.

Eat cherries which are natually rich in anthocyanins!! They block an inflammation enzyme cox2. (i believe that's the enzyme, search it to be sure)
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This is what I have found that works. glucosamine sulfate with Cynatine FLX(TM) to support healthy cartilage. Glucosamine sulfate improve joint health, mobility, and flexibility. Cynatine FLX(TM) helps to calm joint tissues, minimize joint breakdown, and build joint resilience. It also activates two important joint antioxidants - glutathione peroxidase (GSH-PX) and superoxide dismutase (SOD). Also taking beta-carotene reduces risk of progression of joint problems, and Vitamin C is essential for the repair and maintenance of cartilage. Also taking Manganese, selenium, zinc, and copper. I know this sound like a ton of stuff but it is actually in one capsule. My brothers have taken it, one had carpel tunnel syndrome from construction and the other had a bad shoulder and back after years of extreme physical sports: rugby, football, basketball, volleyball, surfing, and has had back surgery. After 1 week they noticed reduce pain and increased mobility. After 5 weeks they felt no pain and have full range of mobility.
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Arthritis is almost always caused by bacteria, of one kind or another. Rife type frequency treatments can at least greatly reduce the infection.

In my wife's case, her Arthritis was caused by the Lyme disease. She no longer has the Arthritis simply because the bacteria is either gone, or greatly reduced. There are other bacteria that cause similar symptoms.

You may want to read this small study that was done by a manufacturer in Australia regarding frequency treatments and Arthritis.



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I would add tai chi practice (of course I teach tai chi...but really, it is effective) swimming is the next best thing for exercise. There is a Chinese herbal liniment called Wong Lop Kong that is great for arthritis and is especially good for older folks because it is not hot.

Another effective Chinese liniment is Zheng Gu Shui but it is hot.

You can get either one at most Asian food markets or online (Amazon has both under health and beauty (I think).

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Yes, arthritis is caused by a microbe but I don't think all cases are caused by bacteria. Micoplasma is another.

I also think that if there are immune glitches, the immune system is hyperacitve an arthritic like inflammation starts perhaps due to a microbe, but even if the microbe is gone the inflamatory process continues... like a switch that wont turn off.

There is a forum out there in cyberspace somewhere where people with severe arthritis treat it with antibiotics and discuss the ins and outs.... very foolish in my opinion. There are so many other ways... Antibiotics cause cancer given enough repeated applications in a body that has immune issues, which the majority of people these days do.
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