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Thumbs up Sinus Problems!

Years ago - 15 or more, I suffered from frequent sinus infections,
painful cheekbones, eyebrow pain, etc. and had for years. Dr.
Richard Schultz [sp?] was the new alternative Doc for health advice.
I bought some of his books/tapes. Dr. Schultz was big on Cayenne
Pepper. One of his remedies was for Sinus problems. It was to combine
Organic Cayenne Pepper 90,000 heat units or higher, Organic Garlic
Powder and one other one that started w/a C I think - very expensive,
which I can't recall right now - unfortunately.
Anyway, combining 1/4 tsp of each powder in the palm of your hand,
mix them well, and inhale some with/up each nostril. Well, I tried it!
He warned it would burn slightly and bring tears to your eyes - and
boy oh boy, did it ever. BUT, I have NEVER had a sinus problem since -
NOT EVER! And I only did my right nostril, which was my worst and
most painful. I never did do the left nostril - no need to.

I still use the Ultra hot Cayenne Pepper daily, sprinkling it on cottage
cheese, mashed or baked potatoes, eggs - anything bland. There's
nothing better for arthritic pain management for me.
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The missing ingredient is Bayberry Bark Powder.

Man, EarlyBird! You gotta be brave to use this stuff!

Sinus Formula (Herbal Snuff)
By Dr. Richard Schulze

1. Take 7 tbls. - Goldenseal Root Powder,
7 tbls. - Bayberry (NOT Barberry) Bark Powder,
1 tsp. - Garlic Bulb Powder & 1 tsp. - Cayenne Pepper Powder (90,000 + Heat Units).

2. Mix these powdered ingredients together.

3. Put a little in the hand and breathe it up your nose.
NOTE: You should sniff REALLY DEEP and LONG, NOT do a QUICK Sniff , to allow the Herbs to go DEEP into the Sinus Cavity, so that they are REALLY EFFECTIVE. You should use a Straw, if you NEED to and be FOREWARNED, this Herbal Formula is INTENSE!
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Smile Sinus!

No, the one I couldn't think of is Goldenseal; He never mentioned
Bayberry Bark yrs ago so I don't know when he added that one,
just the Garlic Powder, Goldenseal and Cayenne Powder. Trust me,
these 3 work great. And yes, you do have to inhale deeply!
Brave, no, just desperate! LOL! But, I've had no sinus problems
since, so it was definitely worth it to me.
Looks to me, that in the quantities in this recipe you've given,
that there would be enuff to do a whole family. If wanting to use
for only one person, I suggest cutting down on the amounts given.
Remember, the remedy's discomfort only lasts a little while, but sinus
problems last a lifetime!
I did it in front of my friend Marilyn, hoping she would do it too. After
seeing my reaction she wouldn't do it. Marilyn STILL suffers from painful
sinus problems - I don't. I saved what I had left in a baggie for a long
time, hoping she'd give it a try, but she never did.
Thanks Arrowwind for finding this.
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99% of all sinus problems are due to fungus. Most doctors will prescribe antibiotics but antibiotics won't kill fungus. ( most antibiotics are made from molds, which are fungus)

There is a very inexpensive product from seagate that contains olive leaf extract. It will kill fungus in the sinuses very easily and without pain or burning, like that caused by snorting cayenne pepper, which, by the way, is also a strong antifungal.

google olive leaf spray by seagate.
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