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Default Mosquito repellent

Every year I go to the Dominican Republic and somehow manage to obtain 50+ mosquito bites over the course of a week. I have used deet in the past, but it doesn't help and irritates my skin. There are many suggestions online for natural oil repellents, but I don't know which one is the best. Does anyone have experience with this and want to help me out? Thanks!!
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You need high concentration DEET, but there are issues issues with DEET and it messes up your brain. You can buy a Neem spray that might help. I lived off the coast of S America in 04. Citrinella does not work. OFF has these things you can wear on your belt that are suppose to help. SUPPOSEDLY if you take vitamin B1 in the thiamine mononitrate form (50 mg) it is suppose to help
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Deet is agent orange in disquise, and would not recommend its use.

In Canada we have a great natural mosquito repellant... its called winter.
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Originally Posted by pinballdoctor View Post
In Canada we have a great natural mosquito repellant... its called winter.
PBD, your winters are human repellants.

I don't see how anyone ever settled there. Something to do with money of course. Maybe trappers. Fur trade.

The summers, of course are incredible. It's kind of like Seattle. People go their when it is not raining and fall in love. Then...
- Jim

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Haha, UK is crazy for mosquito's

As its sunny for a few days in the summer then it rains heavily and then its sunny again. Then out come the mozzy's (thats what we call them over here)

Citronella can be useful for repelling and you can get them in candles too.

I use organic java citronella oils its good stuff, im sure you could get an equivalent in america
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A friend uses lemon eucalyptus repellent when she travels & says it works great.
Perhaps you can research it as I do know it was not a 'pure oil.'
I used to use Avon's Skin So Soft, and also used it on my horse
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I find in Scotland we dont often get mosquitos but when we do, they come in their masses. I have a friend who refuses to use anything unless its natural. She uses lemon Eucalyptus Oil and Castor Oil an says they work a lot better than most things you can buy in the shop
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