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Old 01-25-2011, 10:31 PM
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okay so ive decided to go with what my naturopath is suggesting.. been taking his herbs for a couple days now.. so far so good.. no adverse reactions and my poos have been pretty well formed..

one odd thing ive noticed, which I have noticed from time to time, but more so recently is some see through/white string/flaky stuff in /around my poo.. i think its mucous from my intestines.. is this anything to be concerned about?

My natpath seems to think i have a bacterial infection.. or overgrowth or something.. taking these supps. to knock it out, then replace with targeted probiotics/supps.
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Old 02-23-2011, 08:38 AM
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Betaine HCl is necessary when low in stomach HCL. If your stomach acid is too low, you will never digest food properly.
Read my attachment.
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Old 02-24-2011, 07:36 AM
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Yes, if you have candida, parasites and/or bacteria you have to use antifungals/antibacterials first which is what these are, before you can do anything else or take anything else. Your naturopath is smart to know that you can't use probiotics until the candida/parasites/bacteria are mostly killed, then probiotics can be added. Make sure you keep taking the stuff regularly, stick to a candida diet or whatever your ND is telling you to eat and keep testing with the ND to make sure you are making progress. Don't stop until you've eradicated everything. Don't think 'overgrowth' in regard to candida. Candidiasis is an infection. Infections must be eradicated. Many make the mistake of stopping when they feel better. You can't feel what's going on in your intestines unless things are bad enough. If you stop when you feel better it will only come back (actually it never left) and you will have wasted time and money and still be sick.

White stringy stuff sounds like candida. Could be worms, too.

When I had candida/parasites/bacteria I had that pain in my abdomen, also a burning sensation. Your symptoms are the same as mine were. I also had that pain when I had clostridium difficile which is a bacterial infection, which I got after the candida but before my intestines were repopulated with good bacteria and healed.

I had a bad strain of candida and it went systemic, and a tapeworm. I was quite sick. I was cured completely by a naturopath. Cured of the c. difficile too. That was 10 years ago. No problems since.
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