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Default Chronic Sore/Burning Throat: Causes and Cures

Might NOT be GERD/influx. Something else perhaps since SO MANY are experiencing similar symptoms lately. Odd.


Hello Bxxx

I am encouraged to write a newsletter about chronic sore throats and burning at the throat that probably shows up medically as some kind of acid reflux since a few people have been kind enough to mention these symptoms recently.

Here’s the very short answer and solution to what’s causing these difficulties with the throat. You can read up on the long answer after this by going to a web page on kroegerhealer.com (see the end of the newsletter for the link).
The Short Answer: What Causes Burning Sore Throats, Chronic Sore Throats?

Chronic sore throats and burning of the throat are due to a malfunctioning gall-bladder, a gall-bladder overloaded by toxicity, and under functioning digestion (such as low acid, NOT high acid), chemical toxicity, and a general low energy of the organs and glands.

I’ve received communication from several people who have spent a lot of money and also have seen many Natural Health Practitioners and nothing has solved their health difficulty.

They probably have tried pharmaceuticals, and have seen a medical doctor to be prescribed pharmaceuticals as well.

While it is nice if a pharmaceutical a medical doctor prescribes for you can help you feel better (and that is the aim of the Vibrational Readings as well as deep Healing), any reduced stomach acid is likely to keep you on a continued spiral of ill health.

To be blunt, what you really needed to do and know was that your body was heading down a path of ill health years ago, probably 10 or more years ago. Then you could have stopped yourself from going down that path. You needed to heed the warning signs of not being completely well.

But alas, I know what the typical medical doctor can do for people, and it is not always completely good for you in the long-term, so it can not be your entire fault for trusting in one or more medical doctors who wanted to diagnose you with some disease, when you wanted to be well. Learning to receive health care from medical doctors in the long term without being diagnosed with disease and staying well is definitely wise.
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