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Exclamation Dangers of Excessive Vaccinations in Infants (study)

Here are some dangers to infants from receiving too many vaccines...https://www.naturalnews.com/038457_va...fic_study.html
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As I have always said, if one insists on getting their kids vaccines (as stupid as I feel this to be) only give one at a time with at least 2 to 3 months inbetween.. but at the rate they dish them out these days it would take years to get them all done. It would take 6 months just to divide up an MMR and get it done.

They have so greatly resisted dividing up the MMR vaccine in the UK to thwart the research of Dr Wakefield that instilled terror into the hearts of parents, that you can no longer get the vaccines separately so I've been told. You still can in the USA if you persist.
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Trouble is now that antibiotics are washed up, the vanguard of allopathic medicine is going to be in 'preemptive' vaccines. So children and adults of the future will be getting a lot more vaccines injected into them.
Will these vaccines actually work? Will they do harm as single units? Will they interact with other vaccines and do harm? Will the vaccine bases do harm? - as the mercury bases insanely utilised in the past have caused harm. So much is unknown and on past form it doesn't inspire confidence.

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Unhappy Oral Polio Vaccine and SV 40


This foundation was created by Raphaele and Michael Horwin, parents of Alexander Horwin. Alexander was born on June 7, 1996. He was administered the oral polio vaccine in November 1997. On August 10, 1998, Alexander was diagnosed with a malignant brain cancer, medulloblastoma. Alexander died on January 31, 1999.

Four independent laboratories (Baylor College of Medicine, University of Chicago, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Temple University) used DNA testing (Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)) or laser micro-dissection to test Alexander’s tumor for the presence of SV40.

Every lab found that the tumor tissue contained the virus.

In addition, Alexander’s cord blood was saved and stored by
a private laboratory. The cord blood was the blood shared by Alexander and his mother at the time of Alexander's birth. This blood was tested for SV40 using PCR. It did not contain SV40.

Alexander’s parents were tested for SV40 by two independent laboratories (Baylor College of Medicine, University of Wales) using a number of PCR tests. All tests demonstrated that the parents did not carry the virus.
More information here: https://www.ouralexander.org/

"...We now understand that sometime between November 1997 and March 1998 the tumor began to grow. What had happened to Alexander at or before that time which could have led to cancer? I opened Alexander's "medical file" and suddenly saw all the vaccines he received within weeks or months of these symptoms. My husband and I focused on the DPT, the IPV and OPV and Hepatitis B vaccine. What were these vaccines all about? What was in them? And more importantly what were the side effects on an infant's brain?


After extensively researching the medical literature, we have identified six ways that vaccination may cause cancer, either directly or indirectly. After reading this you may wonder why aren't these subjects being actively pursued? Childhood cancer is on the rise, why aren't the "authorities" conducting objective research to determine the risks? The answer is simple - money. Nearly all the medical research in this country is funded by drug companies or the U.S. government (viz. taxpayer's money). Both parties have an inherent interest in, at a minimum, maintaining the status quo. What would motivate a drug company to pay for a study that demonstrates that their products cause cancer? Do they want to commit fiscal suicide? Why would the federal government pay for research that presents the dangers of a program that they have ostensibly mandated?

Another Tragic Story

For over eighteen months, Thomas' only legally available treatment options were conventional chemotherapy and surgery. Finally, on April 26, 2001, according to an account at the Navarros' Web site - https://cancerbusters.com which has now been taken offline - Thomas was allowed to be treated by Burzynski. This FDA dispensation, however, according to cancerbusters.com, came "not until after a recent MRI [in which] doctors discovered that Thomas had developed such a vast number of new tumors in his head, neck and spine, that Thomas was considered terminally ill in the eyes of the conventional medical community. Ironically, these new tumors - now called leptomeningial-sarcoma, a mutation of the original cancer - were caused by the very chemotherapy that the Navarros tried so desperately to prevent (a fact accepted by conventional doctors!)
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Here are some dangers to infants from receiving too many vaccines
Even one vaccine is too many. WAY too many.
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This is all so very scary and tragic. It is terribly challenging to feel peaceful bringing up a child in today's mad culture.

Many mothers chose to vaccinate their children on a forum I currently belong to. We've been together since 2007. Our children are almost 6 now and I can't tell you how many of the children have asthma, ADHD, surgeries to get their tonsils removed from chronic infections and a boat-load of diagnostic tests revealing nothing. Several kids have sleep issues and have undergone overnight sleep evaluations. One mother now has a severe situation with her daughter having terrible headaches, memory and balance problems with severe deterioration of her eyesight. The doctor will see her in a month! Sorry for the depressing rant. I need not open up posts regarding vaccines because it makes me sick.
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Old 02-03-2013, 09:39 AM
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Some truly believe the old stories of immunization. Immunization has fallen by the wayside to be picked up by VACCINATION.

We are truly the "human test subjects" of many medicines, vaccinations and unfortunately - GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS.

One cannot convince me that the ingredients of ANY medicine manufactured to produce extreme amounts of money is safe in any amount, in HUMANS.

There are far too many that are KNOWN to cause serious reactions in some. But what about the not so severe? That may take years? That are covert? To someday just erupt in full blown cancer? Skin disease? Total fail of every part of their immune system?

Once you put that concoction into your bloodstream, it has by-passed the many safety features of the digestive system, that filters, cleans out many toxins.

They base the results on those children/adults that attribute the headache, nausea, shaking, rashes, to something that they might have eaten - or environmental thing. Not ever considering it could very well be the IMMUNE STORM finally HAPPENING from the shot given weeks/months ago.

Who can convince me these so-called vaccines are NOT destroying tissues in the very young? To be fertility issues as adults? Learning issues in school? ETC?

How do they know without actual tissue sample taken from a very large group of children during their developmental stages. Who can they find for that?

Isn't that the ONLY way they would definitively say whether these items/toxins/poisons are to blame? And the ONLY reason each and every child doesn't get ill from disease is due to Hygiene? Better care? Better nutrition? ETC?

What do the people who are trying to reveal the dangers hoping to get from informing? Billions like the drug makers are getting? Payoffs like the politicians, the government agencies?

What is motivating those people trying to at least get the general public to even do a little research into what is PRESENTLY shot into their infant's bloodstreams? For they have nothing to gain by releasing the TRUTH. They are NOT making trillions! They are usually ridiculed. Labeled a troublemaker. But you must ask what have they to gain? Do they have a child harmed? A member of their family? Like the couple of Alexander. They were medical professionals. They knew where to look. They found the culprit. The FDA would NOT allow their young son to be treated any other way by then how FDA dictated. WHAT? HERE? THE USA? Dr. Burczinski is receiving children at death's door, no longer able to fight. And the FDA expects miracles. But not ONE DOCTOR giving the CHEMO, RADIATION or SURGERY are told to stop EVEN AFTER THEY REPORT THAT IT DOES NOT WORK? It is all about the money. Big, big amounts of money. (Who cares about your life. Your child's).

It is all marketing. The bottom line is the most important.

Look up Dr. Alton Ochsner. A stockholder to the polio vaccine way back when. Put his own two grandchildren up to the vaccine. His 30 month year old grandson DIED a couple weeks later. His granddaughter contracted the virus and died at 57. Tests proved that personal hygiene was winning the polio war. The monkey kidneys were very tainted and the drug makers knew. Those that tried to report it were no longer working. Labs were destroyed. Reports were "lost." Who's decision was this?!? Feel safe now? https://news.google.com/newspapers?ni...g=2043,2589024 article left of screen highlighted in blue.

What's it going to take to get the sheep to wake up and take their rights back?

Our immune systems DO fend off illness. We just won't give it the chance. It began to proliferate in the 80's. Laws protecting US-Taxpayers against the dangers of new medicines--were slowly be taken away. The law now protects the doctors. The hospitals. The drug makers from any harm.

The money made on these new drugs was staggering. This is when statins came in - claiming cholesterol was the culprit. Statins, I believe are anti-fungals. The PSA test was NEVER meant to be any type of cancer test! It was to determine the amount of FUNGUS - that causes a whole lot of problems. But there is NO money to make there :*(

Why the government is giving so much power to the Big Pharma folks is questionable. I have heard/read that 40% of the FDA'S BUDGET is SUPPLIED THRU BIG PHARMA.

If every $40 of your $100 - was being made by FlyByNite Drug Makers - you gonna test against them?
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What I would like to take and run with is our state giving the poor enrolled in WIC free vouchers for SOY INFANT FORMULA that is KNOWN to be made from over 40% GENETICALLY MODIFIED ROUNDEMUP READY SOY! Name has been changed to protect the "innocent"

To be made with highly fluoridated/chlorinated water from the tap?

Recipe for disaster. Add some vaccines here and there and BOOM. You have children that are severely learning disabled. And sick.

The organic version? On the bottom of the shelf practically hidden. The women I talked to at a nearby pharmacy claims those that are in the WIC program are top shelf and central located due to the money they pay for that location. The crap you buy from TV ads - the poison imo - all pay those grocers for that prime location. It's not THEIR responsibility to alert the consumer to crap food. They are just making money - The american way!!

Marketing. Marketing. The government allows this garbage to be given to infants - with no information concerning genetically modified organisms, the amount of pesticide or type that is used to grow the gmos and what it might possibly do the the children digesting it. For there is NO testing. There will never be any information going against the GMOS. Ever. It will never be held accountable for any injury, illness, etc. Although many farmers have STOPPED feeding their cattle the soy/corn made with gmos due to the high incidence of illness and fertility issues. These issues stopped with cleaner brands of feed.

It's all a choice. Look up genetically modified CORN/SOY/CANOLA OIL. Really decide if you want an item that has it's DNA manipulated to make pesticide FOR EVER or one that can withstand a BOMBARDMENT OF GLYPHOSATE. In your stomach. *Do you have problems already? A leaky gut? Perhaps caused by the wheat of today? Well, that gmo junk is in your bloodstream floating around....waiting...
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I agree100% with what you are saying happpy2bhere, when are more people going to wake up to this evil that is being forced on us, is it any wonder there is so much illness now.
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Thank you ozzie. It's just not right. Today is ooooh, the BIG GAME. With folks running around everywhere gathering all those items they see the flashy ads for on tv--made from unpronounceable ingredients. WHY?

Once people remove the "MUST OBEY ALL ADVERTISING" thought from deep within their brains - is the moment they discover how led astray they were.

Years ago it was smoking. The manufacturer's fought hard and long to protect their MONEY. Lying to many about the "possible" illness associated with smoking. Getting doctors to approve *happens today with pharmaceuticals--and even ENDORSE a certain brand (There is an ad from long ago that read: "My doctor smokes only Camels.") And of course the much touted lost letters/memos from the medical industry (laboratories conducting tests too) claiming how dangerous the stuff was. (Cigarettes were once advertised on tv, back in the day. Once the reports were found how much cancer smoking was causing, the ads on tv were pulled). Should be so for vaccinations in babies, too. The reports are out - the junk is causing illnesses. Time to pay up.

Then, I believe the cig makers made them even MORE addictive and dangerous to health. Smoking was everywhere. Allowed in airplanes, hospitals, schools, etc. Accepted as safe. On movies, the COOL people were all smoking. And dying from SOME cancer.

Now? My state has banned cigarette smoking from every restaurant and bar!! You must stay 8 feet away from any door way of stores, buildings, etc if you are engaged in Smoking!! HA! How can this happen? Why is it not safe now but was then? Stupid silly easy to pay off POLITICIANS and federal bureaucrats. Pay them enough and they will allow just about anything for a time. Or doctors, some will even SPEAK to groups of other doctors touting the off label use of Brand X, while not knowing anything about the drug. JUST.FOR.THE.MONEY.

Until enough people stand up and DEMAND to know for sure what the ingredients can possibly do to the very young, the very old and/or the very pregnant. And DEMAND independent scientific testing/research, will anything be done to hold those manufacturers raking in TRILLION$ - accountable for what they manufacture as something to keep humans well and disease free. If someone does have a reaction or even dies, there must have been something else wrong - or they will make something up like in the case of Dr. Ochsner's grandson. Couldn't have died from the polio he was given. what? really? See how the game is played? The man protected his MONEY, and sent his own grandchildren to be experimented on. Shame on him. But that's how it goes.

Those people that are clearly trying to bring the issue of deceit to light, have NO hidden agenda and are not making trillions of dollars doing so.

So you gotta ask: Who is?
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Default MMR Vaccine Contaminated


Dr Khan then warned; ‘there is a possibility that there could also be potential pseudotypes (merging between) ... the measles vaccine virus and the retroviral sequences' - meaning there was a risk that bird viruses might combine with the measles virus in the vaccine to create dangerous new mutant viruses, They had not seen it, but it could happen.

She acknowledged much longer term safety studies were needed than 48 hours, but said that long-term studies of measles vaccine cultures were very difficult: ‘because the measles vaccine virus itself lyses [kills] the culture in about three to four days.' This had prevented them from studying the longer-term consequences of this contamination of the MMR vaccine.

So far, she added, they had only managed to analyse a small part of the retrovirus contamination in the vaccines. ‘Our ongoing studies are directed towards doing similar analysis' of other retroviral genetic codes found in the vaccine preparations.' It was suspected that other retroviruses might also be present. She also noted that ‘about 20 years ago similar RT activity was reported' in the vaccine. Apparently nothing had been done about it at that time and the public were never told.

She concluded by explaining what the World Health Organisation (WHO) had decided to do about this chicken leucosis virus (ALV) contamination. It would take the risk of quietly allowing MMR to continue to be contaminated. It would permit vaccine manufacturers to continue to use retrovirus contaminated eggs, because ‘you cannot get ALV free flocks in places where you are making yellow fever vaccine.'

Dr Andrew Lewis, head of the DNA Virus Laboratory in the Division of Viral Products, then warned. ‘All the egg-based vaccines are contaminated,' including ‘influenza, yellow fever and smallpox vaccines, as well as the vaccine for horses against encephalomyelitis virus' for ‘these fertilised chicken eggs are susceptible to a wide variety of viruses.'

This was an eye opener for me. Before I started on this investigation, if I thought about it, I would have presumed our vaccines were made of selected viruses in sterile fluid to which a small amount of preservative chemicals has been added. I think this is what most parents presume.

It was thus a shock to discover from this top-level scientific workshop that the viruses in our current vaccines are not in a sterile fluid as I had presumed, but in a soup of unknown bits and pieces, a veritable witches' brew of DNA fragments, added chemicals, proteins and, even possibly prions and oncogenes, all of which would easily pass through the filters used to be injected into our children.

Our vaccines, I thus learnt, are not filtered clean but are suspensions from the manufacturers' ‘incubation tanks' in which the viruses are produced from ‘substrates' of mashed bird embryo, minced monkey kidneys or cloned human cells. These suspensions are filtered before use but only to remove particles larger than viruses. The point of the vaccine is that it contains viruses, thus these must not be filtered out.

This means there remains in the vaccine everything of the same size or smaller, including what the manufacturers call ‘degradation products' - parts of decayed viruses or cells.

I also learnt that the only official checks made for contaminants in vaccines are for a few known pathogens, thus ignoring a vast host of unknown, unstudied, small particles and chemicals. These eminent doctors reported at these vaccine safety meetings that it is simply impossible to remove these from our common vaccines - and this would of course also apply to vaccines for pets, farm animals and birds.

I went to the published reports of the MMR manufacturers and found these confirmed what the scientists at this workshop had reported. A manufacturer stated in 2000 that it made the MMR vaccine with ‘harvested virus fluids.' It stated frankly that their ‘Measles vaccine bulk is an unpurified product whose potency was measured through a biological assay for the active substance rather than through evaluation of integrity of physical form. Degradation products are neither identified nor quantified.' In other words, it left the latter in the measles vaccine along with all contaminants that lay there quietly, or worked slowly. The pharmaceutical company admitted checking the measles vaccine only for obviously active contaminates. It did not measure how much the vaccine was polluted with genetic code fragments, other viruses, or with parts of bacterial, animal, bird or human cells.
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