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I am unclear on how not wanting to treat a patient is an assault.
A doctor has a right to refuse a patient just as a patient has the right to refuse a doctor. And on on the other hand a phsycian cannot dump a patient. He must provide a source to another physican or clinic.

Unless they are medicaid or medicare providers... then I think by law they must take all that walk in the door... but even then, though documentation a doctor can make a case for not wanting to care for a patient, when events have occured that make them feel like they cannot provide the care they deem necessary under threat or intimadation either from the patient or the family.

Perhaps he was responding to a concern that the family dynamics may be askew.
Do you think that he cannot perceive your anger and want to get away from it?
Doctors and nurses are quite skilled at reading the temperature of the emotional context of situations.

I have seem family members come into facilities packing guns they are so mad. Always doctors must maintain a calm stand, and of negotiation, yet one of anticipating the worst and being prepared for it in the recesses of their mind, for most of them have seen the worst at one time or another.

Hard for me to say because I cannot see the total picture but I know how I feel when approached by an angry family member... I long for the encounter to end as soon as possible if they cannot be brought around to reasonable discussion in a fairly short period of time.

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