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Default Sounds like we are close in age.

Originally Posted by Arrowwind09 View Post
My husband now has VA benefits which is great if something serious comes up that they know how to fix. They have done some excellent surgical stuff on our neighbor who had a severe back injury... and for another neighbor, knee replacemenst that seem to be working out quite well

I don't have insurance.. If things get rough we load the camper and head to Mexico. They have good doctors there if you know where to go. Dam if they get one more red cent out of me.
Even though Mannatech is a network marketing company which turns some people off, I am almost sure it is the same stuff they are using at Wake Forest - link here https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/0..._n_659273.html

In their video, they use a white powder to regrow every body part. They use old printers to dispense the stuff that grows bladders, heart values, kidneys and even the doctor's finger.

Mannatech research is now 17 years old and they keep adding the products that have ingredients like you and others who have knowledge on the body talk about.

People can find these items as they are on the label but they need to make sure they are plant based predigested and add the inner lining of aloe and the middle to get the results. (Must not cut aloe except every four hours) If they really have issues, they need to add every four hours as aloe only works about four hours once cut.

Now that I know from experience that people can live solely on these products, if I have the money one day, I will open a place that people come for eight weeks and dispense only their products with water that I can't explain right now.

It was a wake up call but even my uncle who had nueropathy and they show 3 strokes is back to work with my son and he is mid seventy. One by one he is off almost every drug as this seems to be very important for the cells to regenerate.

I am also watching close about the FDA and Pharma trying to stop them through people in Texas who get their political money through pharma. Sure hope people see through Rick Perry too.

I can't work it as a job but I helped a few people who did and much of my products are paid for which can help someone on a fixed income. I also do not try to work with anyone outside my area as they won't stay the course. I tell them to ask around their area. Otherwise they detox and say they are allergic to the products especially if they really have issues with chemicals. Say a beautician or mechanic.

I am also working with a six month old baby who could not gain weight. I had her Mom put her on the same stuff as my daughter and she is gaining 7-8 ozs a week. The doctors want to test her for down syndrome. They did open heart surgery and sent her home the same day.

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