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    night bullet

    I had got a lot better prolly 90%..Then a friend gave me a male enhancement supplement called night bullet I took it like an idiot me and my wife had sex it seemed ok til the very next day I noticed I was having some problems with peeing then all went down hill erection has not been the same I...
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    does it help

    Does it help top take probioctics while taking antibioctics ( will this help to keep good bacteria/flora) also can you take too much probioctic like if it says take one a day and you take two or one of kind and one of another kind
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    fathers day junk food

    This past sunday was fathers day and I ate a lot of junk cup cakes cake and candy bar I woke the next day with an upset stomach I had a BM that started a whole new problem actually I had few BM by the third one I noticed blood on my tissue I figured my butt was raw from so much whipeing but here...
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    lance armstrong

    what type of cancer did lance armstrong have??
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    How is a Hernia found X-ray cat scan ect..
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    Have any of you tried DR Ohhirda 's Probiotics 12 plus if so what you think.....What do yall think is the best probiotic Another ? I have is is it ok to take more than one type of probiotic please explain why or why not
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    blood in urine

    every time I have a urine culture (since 2003) they find blood in my urine. For some reason they act as if its no big deal. What do you all think?
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    I read on here some where about a probioctic said to be the best cant remember the name was it vl 3 or kl 3or somthing like that
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    ???? (erection)

    Is there a such thing as a broken erection Im saying I get an erection but he dont get so hard that he stands straight out he kinda slumps as if too heavy ( I know that not the case I wish lol ) its hard to put into words He is not as hard at the base as he is in the shaft and the head and...
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    can any one tell me

    How long should I take probioctics I was on cipro/doxy for about fourty days all together I have been taken the pro-b for about two months