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Old 02-14-2008, 05:55 AM
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Default Jim Humble's New Official Web Site

Jim Humble announced his new web site: On this site you can ask Jim questions and he has already placed VIDEO'S to answer most questions. Also, if your question is not answered, you can email it to him and he will reply directly to you and post the answer on the site. Jim is continuing his humanitarian efforts in Africa and when you visit his site, if you buy MMS using his link, 10% of all sales go directly to fund his missions.

Here is a pre-press release:

Medical Discovery Sweeps the World

Many Major Human Diseases Soon to be Conquered

The inventor of this amazing discovery, Mr. Jim Humble today announced his new web site: Mr. Humble, who released his formula for the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) of the 21st Century nearly a year ago, has established this new web site so that people who use MMS or wish to manufacture MMS themselves, can do so correctly and experience healing never before seen.

Mr. Humble has observed many web sites and forums available on the Internet, only to see a great deal of misinformation as to the use and preparation of MMS.

There are two fundamental reasons why Mr. Humble has established this new official web site: firstly to answer questions posed by visitors to the site using video of him answering these specific questions and secondly, to establish a means where visitors can purchase MMS from a manufacturer who strictly follows Mr. Humbles manufacturing instructions. All purchases will result in 10% of the purchase price being donated to Mr. Humble’s Kinnerman Foundation to fund his continued humanitarian efforts in Africa.

In the past few years, Mr. Humble has treated and cured over 75,000 Malaria victims in Malawi. So far, MMS has produced a 100% cure rate for Malaria. The cost to cure a child or an adult Malaria patient is approximately $ .05 per person, all costs included.

Scientists around the world are using MMS to treat HIV, cancer, arthritis and many of the most horrific disease known. It does so by “stealing” electrons from the pathogen, causing them to explode and die. The main ingredient in MMS is sodium chlorite, a common ingredient in many disinfectants and approved by the Food and Drug Administration for contact with fruits and vegetables and meats. Once activate, sodium chlorite becomes the most powerful anti-pathogenic known. The body then purges the pathogens using the lymphatic, bowl and urinary systems.

Mr. Humble said “I have no interest in money, but rather only wish to spread the word about MMS and heal as many people as I possibly can. This web site will provide the funds necessary for me to continue my work in Africa. This site is intended to provide people with the correct way to use MMS and get the most healing possible. When they buy the product, they are assured they are buying the ‘genuine article’ that is manufactured to my specifications and support me in my efforts in Africa.”

Visitors are encouraged to ask any questions they like and if it is not already in the database of video answers, Mr. Humble will answer them personally, followed up with a new video to answer the question for future visitors. Mr. Humble has written two books; part one can be downloaded for free at and part two can be purchased for download and the money is used to support his efforts in Africa. Hard-cover books are also available for collectors.
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Old 01-03-2009, 05:39 PM
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Where is the Q & A web site?
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