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Baby Robin Today

Posted 05-30-2011 at 09:10 PM by kind2creatures

I have pine and spruce trees in my backyard, and every spring there's lots of chirping from the local birds. I love springtime and watching the birds, but unfortunately there's usually a baby bird that gets tossed from its nest and ends up in my yard. Sometimes my dogs will get to it before I even know it's there. Other times, I'm able to locate the nest, and with the help of my husband, we place the baby back in its nest, and hope for the best.

Lately, I've notice that the larger agressive Magpies, have been dominating the Robin Red Breasts. A couple of times when I've heard disturbing squaking, I've acutally went out into the backyard, and just my presence made the Magpies retreat, and the Robins stayed comfortably. I've witnessed a Magpie swooping toward a Robin that was trying to bring a worm to its babies, and nearly 'chest-butting' it in mid-air.

Needless to say, I've had an "ear out" for birds in the yard. Well today...I heard a tiny, steady chirping. I went to the window, and saw a young Robin that was a decent size, but with feathers still very downy. It wasn't flying just hopping, and was stopped for shelter near a dead tree, it was extremely windy out and I was sure it was thrown from its nest. I became very concerned, and alerted my husband. He said if I could see its nest, he would go out an help put it back in.

When I went looking, I couldn't see a nest in the two trees where I saw Robin activity. All the while, I had my dogs in the house so the baby bird would not be attacked. While I was looking for the nest, with the ladder nearby for my husband to use, I was constantly watching the young bird.

As I was out there, I noticed the mother Robin, sitting on top of our wooden fence with a worm in her mouth. The baby was chirping, and the mother was distraught (but probably not as much as I was, LOL). I watched as the mother flew to the ground and put the worm in the young bird's mouth...awesome, wish I had a camera ready.

Then, the mother started hopping around the side of the house near our wood-pile. The baby followed the mother, and I was concerned that it would get trapped under the wood and be in danger. As I moved toward it, to tried to guide it away from the pile, it suddenly (and awkwardly), flew upwards and made an unsure landing on our neighbor's roof. It started to hop along the roof until I couldn't see it anymore.

This is the closest picture I could find online of the little one that caused so much concern today. I'm relieved that it was able to fly, even in a weakened fashion, and had a good chance for survival. Peaceful ending to a lazy holiday at home.

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