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Ships - Part 6

Posted 10-19-2009 at 10:14 PM by Arrowwind09
Updated 02-23-2011 at 07:57 AM by Arrowwind09


I have found a path to Helios after years of searching for him.


I can't say how excited I am..
Soon, soon we will connect again! Here he is in an interview.

Vortex Network News Cosmic Connections
�Visual Contact Protocols & Experiences to Analogue the Process that Sets the Stage For First Contact�
Sep 26, 2009 at 11:00AM

Michael�s special guest, Helios, discusses about his many experiences with the Federation of Light and also specifically about what he terms �Visual Contact Protocols and experiences to analogue the process that sets the stage for the upcoming First Contact� and mass planetary Divine Intervention. Here is a synopsis from him, that partly describes some of his background: �Helios, who claims to actually be Ellie Hyperion, born as Mark A. Culkin presents himself as a direct spokesperson for the Jerusalem Command [which is referred to in Dr. J.J. Hurteck�s book �The Book of Knowledge, the 64 Keys of Enoch�. The Jerusalem Command, by the way, works very closely with the Ashtar Command], Aleph Hyperion, the Seventh Fleet of Yaashar and the Galactic Federation of Light of Triteria on the whole. Since early childhood innumerable appearances of superluminal vehicles of light, known in many cases as Mercavah or Merkabah, having regularly appeared performing a vast panoply of different event categories repeated almost ad infinitum over a lifetime of 50 years beginning at the age of five. This led to in recent years running battles with black operations and actual federal incarceration for years following years filming these events in Montana which included all out Star Wars in the Valley of Peace outside of Helena.
The manifold odysseys and adventures of his mission have led him down so very many pathways of investigation and research in to alternative solutions for advancing human affairs as well. Helios was born at high noon in Berlin, (1953) Germany with the name of Kulki in congress or keeping with long standing, prophetic traditions of the return of Elijah, who is thought to be the same as Kulki and Parsival by German and Vedic occultists well versed on these matters. He boasts virtually unrivaled expertise in visual contact analogue and experience.�

www.ChannelFortheMasters.com , www.ProgressiveTechCenter.org , www.ortexToursofSedona.com , www.UFOwest.com , www.UFOSkyWatch.com , www.intalek.com , www.PrepareFortheLandings.com


So I have been dreaming of changes lately. Dreaming of ships, seeing ships, talking with ships. Learning how I might call in the changes I seek. Reading books on making contact. Releasing myself from distractions. Getting ready to accept new and good things, new and expanded experience... this I have been doing for months now. Learning to let go.... to release house and home and children to go on and meet their own destiny.

I keep email contact with Helios. He is readjusting after having a prison sentence that he talks freely about. He talks of seeing a huge ship near Helena Montanta take out US military Tesla like technology....Even in prison he could create amazing things, amazing relationships. He's almost out from under the eye of the demon. You know, parole and all that. Someday I will see him again, and perhaps we will create some adventures.. until then I think ECETI will be my next step.

Ships Part 7: https://www.natmedtalk.com/blogs/arro...ps-part-7.html
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    Arrowwind09's Avatar
    Isn't interesting how 5 or 600 people have read my story here and not one comment.

    This may be of interest to some. Ships seen in the Corona of the Sun. This blog takes a little while to download but it is worth it.
    Posted 09-17-2010 at 02:12 AM by Arrowwind09 Arrowwind09 is online now
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    Hello Arrowwind,

    I did indeed read your story, and an adventure of trust it was. It is interesting in that the story just about starts with you walking away from a relationship, and in the end you once again talk about leaving and letting go. I am curious as to what the message of the ships were to you? Are they there to take you away somehwere, or are they more of a metaphorical symbol of individual freedom, as perhaps symbloized by your conscious need to move on.
    Those very interesting and life changing expereinces happened over thirty years ago. I am wondering if you still want to see ships or have you let go of that and are moving on to the next level whatever that might be for you?

    Mr. Davis
    Posted 02-20-2011 at 05:28 PM by blake blake is offline
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    Arrowwind09's Avatar
    In that phase of my life leaving and letting go had to do with opening new doors of opportunity. I left to attend school. My intent at the time was to return to New Mexico but I never made it as life took me in other directions.. I have not seen ships since but I sometimes do long for it. It does not run me. Moving on always means opening new doors.. you can move on by changing your place and position on the planet or moving on can be opening new doors in dreams and experiences right in your own living room... and in that sense I keep moving on.. I have been very stable in work and family, for the most part, over the last 24 years.
    Posted 02-22-2011 at 11:10 AM by Arrowwind09 Arrowwind09 is online now
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    lotus's Avatar

    Fellow lightworkers refer back to similar times.

    Dear Arrowwind,
    I skipped ahead a bit here to see if anyone else had commented.
    Whilst I also agree our personal stories and development are entwined with the unfolding of such events,
    that others not met had related stories strengthens the transpersonal elements.
    I note most of those involved in these areas of Work are referencing back to a similar time.
    My intuitional theory is that the astral was clearer then
    and that it was in preparation for now when things are more polluted.
    The lightbearers are sharing their stories from then now
    and the synchronicity of destiny is bringing them into contact.
    * namaste *
    Posted 04-07-2011 at 10:17 AM by lotus lotus is offline
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    lotus's Avatar

    George Kavassalis

    You may find George Kavassalis on Utube interesting.
    Whilst I do not necessarily agree with everything he says
    the truth frequency he resonates on tallies with my internal truth meter.
    He bravely says he was under a negative influence in some of his earlier stuff.
    Posted 04-07-2011 at 10:25 AM by lotus lotus is offline