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Old 06-07-2010, 03:01 AM
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Default Blood spot tests as accurate as full blood draw?

Hey guys,

So im aware of these simple blood spot tests where you prick your finger and place a few spots of blood on the paper to test hormones etc.

but i went to my doc to get some basic hormone levels tested and they took two full viles of blood.

Is there any need to draw that much blood just to get some hormone levels?

Does drawing two viles of blood tax your bodily systems at all? How quickly can your body rebuild that blood, and what if your body is weakened by adrenal fatigue/etc. does it stress the system further?
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Smile Blood Testing

The little bit of blood that's taken up in the small vials are quite minimal to
your total blood supply throughout your body. Consider those people who
give whole pints of blood at blood banks - sometimes several pints at one
time. They still have plenty of blood left after their donation.
Sometimes blood tests need to be done more than once or maybe more than
one kind of test must be run. Having an extra supply of a person's blood is
a good idea as the person won't have to return for another finger prick, etc.
Nothing to worry about!
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