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Old 10-11-2011, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Rodneydeeeee View Post
I use a product called NaturalCalm which is pure magnesium. I was hooked on Milk of Mag earlier in life and don't ever want to look or smell that again. Constipation has been a long term issue but aggresively has gotten worse. I do have ulcerative colitis but do not take any meds.

You need soluble fiber such as oats, apple pectin (eat apples with the peel), also brown rice (daily). For the ulcerative colitis, probiotics, ginger root, fish oil.

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Yep, they are all right... try most of their suggestions.... esp the water and the fiber.... Me personally...I use a traditional medicinal tea called smooth move tea...works great!!! doesnt seem to cause stomach irritation for us....

But, I think I would address what seems to be a hemmoroid issue first if I were you... Try getting some hemmoroid cream for immediate relief. preparation H would be my first choice because it works so fast. But then I would go to the health food store and get rutin.. its somehow related to vitamin C..and works like magic on the hemmies!!! I noticed a difference in about two days of doubling the dose on the package.. Stay on the rutin on a daily basis while you are trying to fix the constipation problem. Apparently something you are eating doesnt agree with you... Have you tried a probiotic, maybe kefir or kombachua? all of which might help regulate you.... Once you get the hemmie flair down to a livable status, the bowel movements should be alot easier!!!
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I definitely do not have hemmroids. I have been hospitalized for this before and check inside and out for hemmroids. No sign of them ever. All they want to do is throw me on drugs which is obviously the reason I am on these forums. Fiber? They seem to bulk me up even more... My stomach (lower around the beltine) always hurts so darn much.
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well if no hemorrhoids then likely from the ulcerative colitis.. but hemorrhoids could develop at any time also

Ulcerative colitis, like so many other gut disorders is the result of a microbial invasion into the gut wall. Unless you contend with the microbial invasion you will not get ahead. Many doctors have tried to prescribe antibiotics during various episodes of the disease but they stop working after a while or they are fully ineffective and they also put you at risk for developing other gut diseases. PLease understand that microbes may be involved that are not susceptible to current antibiotics as well as bacteria that are not readily identified.

Ulcerative colitis (UC) is an acute and chronic inflammatory bowel disease, whose cause is unknown. However, it is widely accepted that bacteria living in the large bowel are essential for the development of the disease. Intuitively, therefore, a logical approach to treatment would be to use antibiotics. However, antimicrobial chemotherapy has been unsuccessful in managing acute colitis, and has had only limited benefit in long-term treatment. The failure of antibiotics in UC arises from the fact that no-one has tried to identify which bacteria are involved in causing disease, and equally importantly, nobody has targeted appropriate antibiotics to knock out the specific bacteria in question, in a systematic way. Despite this, increasing evidence implicates bacteria living on the lining of the bowel being involved in UC. Our aim, therefore is to identify bacteria colonizing the mucosal surface in the lower large intestine and to determine the antibiotic sensitivities of those the investigators believe to be particularly involved in the disease, such as enterococcit, peptostreptococci and enterobacteria. Because the investigators have already studied resistance to antimicrobial in many mucosal isolate, the investigators plan ot focus on using a combination of two antibiotics in this work. A controlled trial will test the benefit of using these antibiotics over a period of one month and then the patients will be followed up over a six month period. The investigators will be looking for significant long-term improvements, and a reduction in drug use following antibiotic therapy.

The best solution for this problem is MMS1 and MMS2, low dose naltrexone, serrapeptase as an anti-inflammatory, probiotics and aloe vera. Use of steroids is a dangerous pathway as they can really screw up the immune system.

The threatment is almost the same in conventional medicine as for crohns. We have a member who has erradicated crohns disease with mms and low dose naltrexon.

Constipation with this condition is unusual.

I have read a number of testimonials where mms was highly effective for ulcerative colitis.
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I have heard alot about LDN on a different yahoo group that I am on but one of the major side effects is constipation. I'm afraid it would worsen me.

I have no idea why I am constipated with UC when almost all others have severe D.

I also have a ton of back pain and dizziness.

I feel at such a loss. Something has to trigger me, I just dont know what. All I know is that I DONT have flares. Me being sick is every day, every minute of my life.
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I've posted about colostrum on this forum. It will help to address your colitis problem and many others. Look that up.

Something has or is destroying your friendly bacteria. You need to address that. I take 2 VSL#3 each night before bed. That is a time when the stomach acid is low. VSL#3 contains 250 Billion active bacteria. Most probiotic formulas contain about 5 Billion. The probiotics are about 80% of your immune system. You must be eating or taking something that is destroying them. Or perhaps you have very bad pathogens that are doing that for you. This can be tested by stool tests. Either a natural practitioner or your GP can do this.

The anxiety and dizziness have very much to do with your intestinal environment. I've been through that long ago. Get that environment fixed, and these symptoms will go away. Of course, one may be causing the other. I already told you about vitamin B for anxiety.

Make sure that your diet is not throwing you into an alkaline state. Antibiotics, pharm or natural, will do that. They kill the friendly bacteria which produce acid and keeps the intestines slightly acid the way they should be.
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