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[QUOTE=D Bergy;200247]It is not unusual for Magnesium to make you feel worse, when you start using it, when you have Lyme. I would guess that the reason the Magnesium Oxide did not have that effect was because you were absorbing little to none of it.

Lyme is unusual in that it feeds off Magnesium instead of Iron like other bacteria. So taking a form that actually is absorbed also increases Lyme activity, especially when you just start using it. Lyme will starve your body of Mg so you really have no choice but to supplement for your own good. but you also help out the Lyme in the process. A double edge sword, but I think you were correct about the joint problem being somewhat related to lack of Mg. Lyme itself ravages the joints also, so more than one thing is likely at work.

Your doctor should know all of this.

From my own experience, it seems that when you start taking Mg it makes conditions optimal for the bacteria and it starts to come out of cyst form into the spirochete form. The active spirochete form is easier to kill, and cyst form is almost impossible to kill, so that is not all bad. But, the spirochete form also causes a lot more symptoms, so there is that double edge sword again.
Hi Dan,

Thanks for your reply. As debilitating as they can be, I don't mind going through a herx as much if I know it means the spirochetes are being killed. I hope this is the case.

She also had quite a negative response to Mg when she started using it. this does go away after a while, but only if you are consistently killing the Lyme as it activates.
I only hope I can figure out how to get as much as I need withoutthe problems of these loose bowels. Then I know I'm not loosing the Mag as fast as I'm putting it in.
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